Neeraj And Kaushal: You Know Its True Love When, Distance Can’t Keep You Apart

11 months ago

Once in a while, in middle of an ordinary life, Love give us a fairy tale. Fortunately, became a medium through which we could have this moment in our lives. I created my account and few preferred matches came on screen. Meanwhile, I found his profile in April 2017. From there we shared our contact number and priorities. Then we became friends on Facebook and started communicating on WhatsApp. While he was in Australia and me in India, time difference was always there but within a few days of talking, we established a good bond. Our conversations turned deep.Then we both disclosed about our relationship to our parents. Neeraj came to kolkata in the month of May 12th, 2017. The first meeting was coupled with excitement and nervousness at the same time. The best part of our meeting was the comfort level established between the two of us.The very next day he met with my sister and parents, and to my surprise, they loved him to the core. After went back to Australia, the conversations between both our parents began to start. Neerajs parents came to my place to meet me on June 8th, 2017. Our parents were so happy and they decided everything. And a month later on July 3rd, 2017 we planned to tie the knot. Thought this is an arranged marriage, I felt that we knew each other from a quiet long time. I and our families are really thankful to for giving us the opportunity to connect from miles apart. Thank you and keep shining!!!

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